Everyone Deserves a Chance (EDAC) is a youth and young adult focused, 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides education in digital music production.  We aim to empower individuals one person and one project at a time through high quality crafted EDAC music workshops and music education programs.

Since the launch of our program in 2015, Everyone Deserves a Chance has used the power of music education to help impact at-risk-youth and young adults with our workshops & music production/DJ programs.  We provide an outlet that allows individuals to explore the culture and unity that music brings to communities

As our program expanded, we found ourselves helping children/youth with disabilities/illnesses that really benefit from utilizing music as a tool for a type of therapy that can provide hope, inspiration and much needed happiness back into the lives of individuals.  Through our initiative Change The World We Live In and our crafted EDAC music workshops, we help individuals to heal/feel/smile/change while utilizing music to stimulate the mind and creativity that resides within us all.

Music education boosts cognition, improves memory, fosters creativity, increases multicultural awareness and builds confidence.  Within a month, many of our students will begin completing their own full-fledged music tracks, which we proudly showcase on our social media outlets.  By providing our students with a platform to share their work, we grant them the opportunity to become part of the global music collective, where other producers are able to offer their own positive feedback and encouragement. This support system helps to establish a sense of belonging, and further motivates our aspiring producers to continue pursuing their goals.

We strive to bring back music programs to facilities throughout the country while providing a place for our youth to obtain as a creative outlet, place of belonging, to develop and grow.  We invite you to join Everyone Deserves A Chance; your support will help to continue our programs and fulfill our mission.  To Learn more about how you can help, email: info@teamedac.org


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Brandon Anderson
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Kaelon Drae
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Meg Riv
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Greg Oerlemans


Event: Searching For a DJ Episode 003
Date: Voting Starts September 5th
Enter Here: http://bit.ly/2ayz35P

Everyone Deserves a Chance “Searching for a DJ” is DJ/Music Production competition that creates opportunity for undiscovered talent to play on one of Southern California’s biggest electornic music nights, HACOV Thursdays at the Yost Theatre in downtown Santa Ana, CA. Sponsored by White Rabbit Group and HOVSE of VXMMI, the contest has seen over 70 aspiring artist enter the competition. Who will be the crowned the next champion?

Want Everyone Deserves a Chance to come out to your club and host a #TEAMEDAC workshop?

Our workshops run 1.5 hours and teach kids and young adults the fundamental tools of DJing and Digital Music Production. Our uniquely designed interactive stations include aSubPac/Pioneer DJ Station and SubPac, Ableton live Push 2 and Native Instruments Maschine for both DJing and Digital Music Production. For more information please contact greg@teamedac.org


La Puente Digital Music Production Program
Baldwin Park DJ 4 week workshop
Give a Beat “Relaunch, a Positive Spin”
White Rabbit Group “Big” Block Party, Downtown Santa Ana. CA

Music for Mommies:

Music for mommies is a program created by Everyone Deserves a Chance to help single mothers who give up their dreams to take care of their children. We work to provide anything from everyday essential needs to tickets to events as well as lessons in DJ and music production. For more information please contact greg@teamedac.org

Skid Row Project:

Skid Row project is an ongoing project where members and volunteers come together to pass out essential needs for the homeless who live down in Skid Row, Los Angeles. To donate to this program please click here

Upcoming Programs and Projects

September 8th, 2016
Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club DJ program with Give a Beat




Give your time and volunteer today through our programs. We are always looking for aspiring philanthropist and people who want to give their time. You can help Everyone Deserves a Chance by becoming a volunteer, instructor, fundraiser, or active team member in our program.


Donate Music or Equipment

We are always looking for instruments and studio gear for our program. Check out our list of needs as we keep it updated on what we need for both our students and our programs. Donate your equipment today and help the youth of tomorrow.



By donating money you help us provide music education to those in need of support through Everyone Deserves a Chance and assistance to our local communities.  Your donations help us continue our established workshops and start new programs. Become a one time, monthly, or even annual donor today.







Searching for a DJ episode 003

Episode003 Banner

Searching a DJ episode 003 Contest Information and Rules: Everyone Deserves a Chance and White Rabbit Group presents: “Searching for a DJ episode 003” a music production and DJ contest to showcase your talent! Our goal is to give opportunity to unknown talent with a chance to win DJing on the big stage! Last Episode's winner Rossella Blinded Enter contest

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Thank you SubPac!


Everyone Deserves a Chance introduces SubPac to their music programs. A huge moment for us and we couldn't thank SubPac more for their generous donation to Everyone Deserves a Chance. SubPac is a audio techology decive which transfers low frequencies direct to your body with for the ultimate music experience.  With most of our youth music education programs using headphones

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We are very happy to announce that Everyone Deserves a Chance teams up with HOVSE OF VXMMI to raise money for youth workshops.  HOVSE OF VXMMI is a Los Angeles based clothing brand and sponsor of Everyone Deserves a Chance keeping our youth and adults in style.  The new #TEAMEDAC shirts our now available onlilne for $25 dollars.  All proceeds go

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